July 8, 2013

Give Your Garbage Another Life

Our Recycling Receptacle was offered as an option in the latest Keep America Beautiful for Coca-Cola and Dr. Pepper and now is featured in a video for this new public service advertising campaign to promote recycling! The “I Want To Be Recycled” campaign features a beverage can that voices a dream.
April 26, 2016

E-commerce Importance

At Ex-Cell Kaiser, we understand that time is of great value. Purchasers are looking to speed up the ordering process, and putting a great emphasis on e-commerce. That’s why we’re committed to providing you with a rich, user-friendly website experience. We’ve put a lot of thought and effort into making our website as intuitive and easy to use as possible. On our website, you have access to all necessary information immediately - discounts, freight quotes, and product dimensions – making this a much quicker option than calling to speak with our Customer Service department.
July 30, 2018

Ex-Cell Kaiser Owner Featured in Crain’s Chicago Business

Since Trump’s tariffs took effect in July of 2018, prices have been on the rise for steel and stainless steel. Not only have these tariffs increased the cost to manufacture our receptacles, but it has left uncertainty in our manufacturing process as many suppliers are increasing their minimum purchases AND lead times. At Ex-Cell Kaiser, all of our receptacles are made from a high-gauge steel (both stainless and cold-rolled).
April 12, 2019

Say YES to Steel and NO to Plastic

At Ex-Cell Kaiser, we’re committed to protecting the environment and natural resources, which is why we will be giving away reusable stainless steel straws at our upcoming trade shows! Each and every day, we’re looking for new ways to leave a positive environmental footprint, through our day-to-day business operations and manufacturing processes, and through our products.