Big Green™ & Big Blue™ Recyclers with Outdoor Canopy

Ex-Cell is pleased to announce the addition of a protective, outdoor canopy to our extremely popular BIG GREEN & BIG BLUE 33-gallon Recycling Receptacles - Venue Collection Recycling Receptacle! Since their introduction in 2008, the BIG GREEN & BIG BLUE Recycling Receptacles have found homes in many cities, villages, municipalities, hospitals and office buildings – to name a few. By popular request, Ex-Cell has taken a special order protective outdoor canopy top and added it to our product selection as an everyday inventory item.

With all the same great, high-quality features of the RC-33; Flat top with 8” dia waste opening, 33-gal capacity plastic liner, heavy duty feet to protect unit and floor surfaces, decal kit for Paper, Cans, Plastic & Glass – the RC-33C includes a protective canopy with 6½” of clearance for disposal of waste, cans, bottles, etc., while minimizing exposure to rain, wind, blowing leaves, etc.

These are ideal for indoor or outdoor use, ADA Compliant, contains over 30% recycled steel, 100% post-consumer recyclable, 33-gallon capacity LLDPE plastic liner with lift holes for easy emptying, finished in UV-stable, TGIC EXL-COAT powder coat finish for weather and UV resistance that can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth. Available in Recycle Blue (RBL) or Yellow Green (YGR)

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