Landscape Series™ Perforated Outdoor Receptacles

The RC-2441 RBL & WR-2441 T are our new 40-gal recycle and trash containers. Both perforated steel receptacles include: Rigid plastic liner with lift holes, cable to secure dome top to body, heavy duty feet on bottom keep unit slightly elevated to al¬low for drainage, and features mounting holes on bottom. MORE

Protective Dome Tops for our Landscape Series™

Both perforated steel receptacles include:Retainer bands to secure trash bags, cable to secures dome top to body to prevent theft and vandalism, drainage holes on bottom of unit, mounting holes on back and bottom of unit for permanent mounting on wall or pole, laser graphics on side, and UV-stable EXL-Coat™ powder coat finish. MORE

New & Improved Sidekick Personal Recycling Receptacle

The RC-4 Sidekick™ Personal Recycling Receptacle continues to be one of our top-selling recycling receptacles. The current design of the RC-4 Sidekick™ Personal Recycling Receptacle, with removable side-saddle recycling section with funnel top, there was a lot of labor involved in the manufacturing which drove the unit’s cost to a non-acceptable price point. MORE

Back by Popular Demand

An old favorite returns: Ex-Cell’s popular solid brass, self-closing dustpan, the 305 BRASS is back in circulation thanks to our loyal customers! Our Bright Brass Lobby Dustpan has Solid Brass body that is polished to a bright, mirror finish and is perfect for quick, neat pick-ups in high visibility, front office areas. MORE

Stainless Steel International Collection™

Due to popular demand Ex‐Cell is pleased to announce a Stainless Steel version of The International Collection™ Receptacles! With all the same features of your favorite International Collection, Ash or Ash/Trash Receptacles, the Stainless INT collection feature brushed stainless steel bodies with tops finished in EXL‐COAT™ powder‐coated, finger‐print proof finishes in décor complimentary neutrals, such as Black texture (BLX), Brown Texture (BRX), Burgundy texture (BURX), Hunter Green texture (HGX) and Indigo texture (INGX). These are in addition to the previously available INT1531 D‐6 SS, Café Style Dome Top Stainless Steel Receptacles. MORE

Back by Popular Demand! 501 CPDR-FLIP

Ex-Cell’s popular Pedestal Smoking Urn, the 501 CPDR-FLIP is back in circulation thanks to our loyal customers! MORE

Aluminum Wall Coat & Hat Racks

Professional strength coat and hat racks are wall mounted to save floor space and attractive enough to be used outside the closet walls! All racks extend approximately 14” from the wall and the steel brackets are 11¾” tall at their highest point against the wall. Top shelf allows for air flow to help prevent the formation of mites or molds frequently found in enclosed areas. Uniquely designed brackets taper as they extend outward with smooth, rounded edges. MORE

Big Green™ & Big Blue™ Recyclers with Outdoor Canopy

Ex-Cell is pleased to announce the addition of a protective, outdoor canopy to our extremely popular BIG GREEN & BIG BLUE 33-gallon Recycling Receptacles! Since their introduction in 2008, the BIG GREEN & BIG BLUE Recycling Receptacles have found homes in many cities, villages, municipalities, hospitals and office buildings – to name a few. By popular request, Ex-Cell has taken a special order protective outdoor canopy top and added it to our product selection as an everyday inventory item. MORE

NEW! Premier Series XL™ Stainless Steel Receptacles!

Ex-Cell is pleased to announce the latest addition to our line of Waste Receptacles, the Premier Series XL™. In the Ex-Cell tradition of the highest quality products to satisfy market needs, the Premier Series XL™, model # WR-2234F S/S, features a brushed Stainless Steel body with funnel tops finished in a choice of five finger-print proof textured finishes with a 12” opening. MORE

NEW! Streetscape™ Receptacles

Ex‐Cell is pleased to announce two high‐capacity additions to the Streetscape™ family; the South Hampton™ and the Easthampton™, 45‐gallon capacity, outdoor waste receptacles. These impressive heavy-duty, all steel trash receptacles are durable enough for any outdoor climate. MORE

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