NEW Recycling Streetscape™

Recycling StreetscapeThe NEW Streetscape™ Classic Series Recycling Receptacle is the perfect complement to our Streetscape™ waste receptacles. The heavy duty all steel 35.5 gallon capacity outdoor receptacle is available with or without a rain canopy. 

With striking blue gloss finish and Co-mingle lid that provides 5 inches of diameter clearance for cans and bottles along with an overlapping 12 inch long by 2 inch wide opening for paper products, this recycling receptacle is packed with features and is an attractive outdoor recycling solution. 

The color matched removable LLDPE plastic liner with lift openings meets UL94 Flammability standards and complements the Recycle Blue gloss finish of the receptacle. Adding the new Streetscape™ Recycling Receptacle to an outdoor space will immediately identify the efforts to separate recyclable waste.

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