New & Improved Sidekick Personal Recycling Receptacle

The RC-4 Sidekick™ Personal Recycling Receptacle continues to be one of our top-selling recycling receptacles. The current design of the RC-4 Sidekick™ Personal Recycling Receptacle, with removable side-saddle recycling section with funnel top, there was a lot of labor involved in the manufacturing which drove the unit’s cost to a non-acceptable price point. We have spent some time re-designing the side-saddle and investing in tooling to be able to make this portion from rigid plastic, while still being able to supply the fire-safe steel wastebasket, without compromising any of Ex-Cell’s legendary reputation for quality.

In addition to being able to lower the unit’s overall cost, the re-design enables us to ship the unit in a carton that is half the original size and weighs 33% less, meaning customers will also be paying less freight! The unit will retain the same model numbers (RC-4 SSTR & RC-4 COF) and UPC codes. The side saddles only will be from rigid blue plastic and the steel wastebasket will be shipped in the color ordered – Coffee Gloss or Silver Star. The new and improved product will begin shipping on November 15, 2010 and will have a revised LIST price of $65.00 each. Requests for Recycling Receptacles and solutions continue to grow. We are pleased to be able to offer a high-quality, stylish alternative to the simple, boring old plastic bins.

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