Recycling Guide for your office

Make it easy to encourage people to change their habits and take the mystery out of recycling. Three keys to effective recycling containers: Easy to understand (Where do you put bottles, cans or trash?), Convenience (Office recycling bins are not always convenient to use which means people are less likely to use them), and the location of units. Choosing the right recycle units is so important, and Ex-Cell wants you to make the best choice. We manufacture attractive, convenient and flexible units that are effective for recycling and cost effective to own. Benefits of recycling efforts: Save green! Talk to your waste service provider for information about integrating cost cutting programs, improving corporate image by gaining awards and recognitions for “green” companies.

The Ex-Cell Sidekick™ combines trash and recycling in one space saving unit and is perfect for personal office recycling. The shape and build of our Slim-Line Economy Recyclers™ makes them easy to place and includes colorful, vibrant labels to provide multiple recycle options. We keep competitive prices ensures you stay in budget. The Ex-Cell Kaleidoscope™ units make it easy to see which container is for paper, cans, bottles, or trash. These individual units are also a custom-fit for your space. The Metro Collection™ consists of receptacles with one, two or three streams , many decal options and three lids to choose from. Customization for the Ex-Cell Metro Collection™ is almost limitless and perfect for any office from lobby to locker room.

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