New Clean Grid EXL Released

New and Improved Clean Grid EXL is Now Shipping. MORE

NEW Echelon Collection™

Ex-Cell Kaiser proudly unveils our new high capacity, self-contained recycling system: The Echelon Collection™. MORE

NEW Recycling Streetscape™

The NEW Streetscape™ Classic Series Recycling Receptacle is the perfect complement to our Streetscape™ waste receptacles.


Airports Going Green Conference Chicago

This is the 7th annual AGG conference to bring together the aviation industries sustainability leaders.


Clean Grid™ Receptacle Gets Coverage

Recycling Product News magazine spotlighted Ex-Cell Kaiser’s Clean Grid receptacle in the October 2014 issue.


New High Capacity Two Stream Outdoor Receptacle

Provide a heavy duty and high capacity solution with a total of 90 gallons. This outdoor unit with a sleek protective canopy is perfect for schools, parks, communities, hotels and ideal for outdoor spaces with a need for larger capacity. MORE

Fully Collabpsible Clean Grid™ Receptacle

Provide a quick solution with these 45 gallon capacity outdoor trash and recycling units. This unit offers easy storage when collapsed and ships completely flat offering significant savings on shipping costs. MORE

Extension of our Kaleidoscope Collection™

We are pleased to announce the availability of even larger capacity Kaleidoscopes - 17 and 36 gallons each. MORE

Recycling Guide for your office

Make it easy to encourage people to change their habits and take the mystery out of recycling. Three keys to effective recycling containers: Easy to understand (Where do you put bottles, cans or trash?), Convenience (Office recycling bins are not always convenient to use which means people are less likely to use them), and the location of units. MORE

New & Improved Sidekick Personal Recycling Receptacle

The RC-4 Sidekick™ Personal Recycling Receptacle continues to be one of our top-selling recycling receptacles. The current design of the RC-4 Sidekick™ Personal Recycling Receptacle, with removable side-saddle recycling section with funnel top, there was a lot of labor involved in the manufacturing which drove the unit’s cost to a non-acceptable price point. MORE

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