When Hollywood Called, We Produced

The movie was The Conspiracy Theory with Julia Roberts and Mel Gibson.  It was in development by Warner Bros. and they needed a prop for one of their scenes, not just any prop, but one that was written in the script and would be used by Mel Gibson.

They said they needed a canister to hold coffee and other stored food items. As they were not clear on what this should look like, weasked that if they were able to describe the premise of the movie. As they began to explain the paranoid nature of one of the leading Actors, the tendency to trust no one and the type setting these would be used in, we put pencil to paper during the discussion and faxed the concept sketch to them while still on the phone. We then completed our discussion with sketch in hand by both of us, decided on the general size, type lid (lift off or hinged), handle location (lid or canister body) and direction (horizontal or vertical), type locking method and the color or type material. We settled on a rough look (raw cold rolled steel with a clear lacquer coat), hinged lid, handle on the body, vertically position so the actor could easily hold while opening. A few days later, while finalizing the drawing, we asked one more question, “could they measure the hand of the actor so that we could complete the handle size?”. With this information in hand (so to speak) we were ready to make the canisters. All similarly constructed, we made several sizes so they would look more random in the shot.

There is a scene in the movie where Mel Gibson’s character, Jerry Fletcher, and Julia Roberts character, Alice Sutton, are at Jerry’s apartment. As Jerry nervously asked Alice if she would like some coffee or something, he goes to his refrigerator, unlocks the chain and padlock holding it closed and takes out one of several canisters in the shot. During dialog, Jerry, nervous and fumbling, opened one of the canisters hinged lid with its own padlock and hasp to scoop out some coffee grounds to make coffee with.

As one reviewer pointed out...

…”I know guys like Jerry Fletcher, Mel Gibson's whacked-out protagonist in Conspiracy Theory. Maybe they aren't so overtly insane, maybe they don't keep padlocked coffee containers inside their padlocked refrigerators to avoid poisoning by their enemies.”...

Check out the movie and let us know if you can find the place in the movie where this important and pivotal scene (at least we think so) takes place. Let us know

...And we say “ACTION”

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