Sustainable Gift Wrapping Ideas

According to an August 2018 report from Sundale Research, people in the U.S. spent a total of $12.7 billion on gift wrap, including wrapping paper, tissue paper and gift bags, in 2017. On average, Americans produce an additional four million tons of wrapping paper and shopping bag waste during the holidays, per an article from Rubicon. Not only is it wasteful, but most of the glittery, metallic wrapping papers cannot be recycled because they contain plastic. So, how do you wrap a present with materials you already have & still make it look beautiful? We have a few eco-friendly options you, and your recipients, are sure to love!


Newspaper, Sheet Music or Book Pages

The black & white print can create beautiful wrapping for presents. Simply add a twine bow and voila! Want to add a little more pizzazz? Add some paper roses, evergreen leaves, or red berries.


Plain Brown Paper Bags

Save your old, paper shopping bags to create a rustic look for your holiday gifts. Keep it simple with a green bow and pinecones, jazz it up with festive stamps, or add dried flowers for a pop of color. The blank bags give way to let your creativity shine!



It’s like two gifts in one! Not only is it quick & easy to wrap your gifts with a scarf, but it will look amazing under the tree. Not sure where to begin? There are many tutorials online that show you step-by-step how to wrap your present with a scarf. This idea also works great with any old fabrics you have sitting around the house.


Children’s Artwork

Can’t bear to throw away some of your kids drawings & paintings? Use them as colorful, unique wrapping paper for family! The kids will love seeing their art under the tree, and the grandparents will love seeing it. Alternatively, use plain white paper to wrap your gifts and then let the kids color on it!

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