Public Parks Recycling Grant


"Convenience is the number one barrier to increased recycling." Most people won't hold on to their garbage unless there is a bin in sight to toss it in. For Recycling, this is an even bigger concern; recycling receptacles need to be readily available for cans, bottles, paper, and glass to be disposed of correctly and help keep our environment clean.

The Public Parks Recycling Grants are brought to you by the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group and Keep America Beautiful. These organizations are sharing the chance to join this program with the goal at heart to make recycling more convenient by providing bins. This will support the message and provide the solutions parks need to visitors. The program is designed to build and expand recycling stations in different park settings across America. This includes neighborhood parks, playgrounds, athletic fields, public community spaces, and more!

Four different styles of bins have been selected to be offered to grant recipients. One of these receptacle is one of our very own, an Ex-Cell Kaiser designed and manufactured unit, our Landscape SeriesOutdoor Receptacle Landscape Series Outdoor Recycling Receptacle (Model: RC-34R DM). This made in the USA steel unit is has a 34 gallon capacity and one of our outdoor best sellers. This solution has also been used two years in a row as a solution awarded to the Keep America Beautiful and Coca-Cola Recycling Bin Grant. It features a domed top with four openings and is finished in a Recycle Blue weather and UV resistant powder coat color. With the ability to mount the receptacle on any pole or side of building, it has been shown to be the perfect solution for all outdoor areas. We are excited to continue to promote and support the green movement. If you qualify, please apply today! The application period is March 18, 2013 through April 26, 2013.

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