Tulane University’s Liz Davey Picks Ex-Cell’s Kaleidoscope Collection

Editors PicksThis past November the director of sustainability at Tulane University, Liz Davey, was selected as the guest editor of Green Building & Design magazine, a trusted source for green professionals and the only magazine covering green building and design across industries. In the Editor’s Picks section of the magazine Liz Davey chose to promote our Kaleidoscope collection.

The relationship between Ex-Cell and Tulane University started back in 2012 when they first purchased the Kaleidoscope collection products and continued as the University has reordered over the years. However, it was a pleasant surprise when gb&d magazine contacted Ex-Cell about their upcoming guest editor, Liz Davey’s product pick of the Kaleidoscope products at Tulane University.

The following blog has been summarized and posted by Ex-Cell Kaiser from the, In Conversation: Liz Davey interview that Green Building & Design magazine published at, www.gbdmagazine.com/2014/30-liz-davey by Timothy A. Schuler for the 2014 November, December issue of gb&d magazine.

Liz chose to talk about the way Ex-Cell designed the Kaleidoscope products to work together. “You should always select your trash and recycling containers together and place them in pairs or stations. People love the message sent by pairing the half-round Kaleidoscope trash container with the larger square recycling one. You can select the color, label, lid and size appropriate for your program and assemble them together into an attractive recycling station” said Liz Davey about her editor’s pick of Ex-Cell’s Kaleidoscope products.

KaleidoscopeTulane University created the institutions' first-ever director of sustainability position in 1999 and hired Liz Davey. At that time the position had been known as environmental coordinator. Tulane’s dedication to sustainability back in 1999 was very forward looking, given organizations have added sustainability positions only in the past few years.

Over the years, Liz Davey’s role has moved more into operation in contrast to her start: “When I started, I worked a lot on student programs and extracurricular sustainability programs. But as we’ve taken up the commitment to LEED, and as we’ve really worked to take our recycling program to the next level, those pieces take up more of my time.”

The boldest idea in sustainable design that has Liz Davey’s attention is net-zero-energy building. When asked if she thinks there’s a net-zero building in Tulane’s future, she had this to say, “Oh boy, I don’t know. I think of net-zero buildings more as a discipline than as an actual goal. I think it’s something that we should be working on and at least doing those calculations.”

To read more of the gb&d magazine conversation with Liz Davey and her role as the director of sustainability at Tulane University by Timothy A. Schuler visit www.gbdmagazine.com/2014/30-liz-davey and to see her Editor’s Picks, visit www.gbdmagazine.com/2014/30-editors-picks, our Kaleidoscope products can be found at the bottom of the page. 

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