In The Land of Nod

When children’s store, The Land of Nod needed a decorative fun waste basket, they handed us a polka dot blue and white bath towel and said “can you make something like this?”

Well that was all it took to begin. From that towel, several things began to take shape (so to speak); material, shape, overall size, diameter, height, colors, and pattern to match the towel…along with other mechanical and design considerations to make this work. We replicated the polka dot pattern on the towel and sized the pattern to work with a round waste basket that was 10” diameter and 12” high. We then powder coated them several different Pastel Colors to run with the theme.

These began to be offered at The Land of Nod stores and through their website and print catalog. Another retailer servicing a different audience, CB2, also began to offer them in other vibrant colors. It was even picked up in the press by “O” The Oprah Magazine in the “LOVE THAT” section. It was a success. And all they did was hand us the towel.

This is how it started and turned into making various colors that were done for a few different customers, each catering to a different audience. While this was an active product, we manufactured and sold thousands of units. The waste basket also appeared in many editions of retail mail order catalogs. Since this perforated storage product, we have continued to manufacture and develop units from the Land of Nod waste basket and towel pattern; shows how one product can develop into other opportunities.


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