Hollywood Appearance on Glee!

Ex-Cell Kaiser is proud to say that our Kaleidoscope Collection™ is showing up everywhere on Season 3 of Glee! Just look for various configurations throughout scenes featuring the hallways of this fictional high school. Can you find us?

We ran a contest a few weeks ago to see who would be able to spot exactly where our collection is throughout the halls of McKinley High. These recycling receptacles are not only great on TV but they have been added to other educational institutions’ recycling programs and are a great way to promote recycling at grammar, middle schools, colleges, and universities. AND our winners got a complimentary set of 3 Kaleidoscopes for their office and we’re excited they are showing them off!

**Kaleidoscope receptacles are not guaranteed to appear in any specific episode of GLEE, but are likely to appear across multiple episodes. Ex-Cell and its employees in no way endorse or encourage anyone to watch GLEE, FOX Television or any subsidiaries, nor do we offer any opinions or endorsements of any topic or content on any shows.

Product in this series:

Kaleidoscope XL Series 17 Gallon Receptacle (Model: RC-KD17)
Kaleidoscope XL Series Square Receptacle (Model: RC-KD36)
Kaleidoscope Collection Half Round Receptacle (Model: RC-KDHR)
Kaleidoscope Collection 24 Gallon Receptacle (Model: RC-KDSQ)

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