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Ex-Cell recently exhibited at the Green Sports Alliance Summit in New York City with over 70 professional and collegiate sports teams. Thank you to everyone who made it to our booth, we are proud to sponsor such a great organization and movement to promote and encourage green solutions for Sports Teams and Venues as a whole. Watch our video to show you exactly how Ex-Cell's USA-manufactured Recycling Containers and Waste Receptacles can compliment your facility!

Our receptacles have the appropriate visual cues used as color-coded and graphic aids to assist people in correct placement of trash and recyclables. A clearly indicated label, for example, combined with a circular shaped opening, indicates to your visitors that the container is for recycling cans, glass or plastic bottles. We offer a large variety of solutions that are designed to be attractive and kept in plain view, where they can be most effective and properly used.


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A big thank you to the Chicago Wolves for contributing and supporting our efforts. We designed and manufactured this customized unit to show how we can fit your brand and support team spirit while encouraging venues to implement and customize your recycling program! You will see benefits in terms of positive economic and environmental outcome. Over time and through years of service, our solutions offer a much lower cost per use than a poor quality substitute, resulting in elimination of the environmental impact of unnecessary manufacturing and shipping of replacement containers.

  • We pride ourselves on providing durable, long-lasting quality receptacles that will reflect your stadium. Whether you want custom logos or colors we can accommodate what you're looking for to be your Trash and Recycling Container Solutions!
  • Made of heavy-duty steel, the world's most recycled and recyclable material!
  • Made from over 30% Recycled material and 100% post-consumer recyclable
  • Effectively reduce and contain trash in your venue and on your field
  • Includes two 45 gallon capacity liners. The liner base resin meets UL94 flammability standard

The efficient and modern designs of our receptacles really help them slide into any environment with ease. Although the look of the receptacle is important, our goal is to help your venue maintain a green standard that is sure to help the environment which is overall beneficial for all workers and guests of the facility. In a way unlike any others, our receptacles are both efficient and chic; at Ex-Cell Kaiser we are here to give you the cost effective opportunity to update your arena or stadium to your standards with sustainability and class, Ex-Cell receptacles are built to last.

Ex-Cell Kaiser also extends the opportunity for your facility to go green in style on your whole property. We have an extensive line of outdoor receptacles that are sure to fit your taste, and catch your eye. You cannot go wrong with any of our made in America products that are constantly being updated with the newest technology and maintained with the same quality standards people have come to expect with the name Ex-Cell.


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